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Battlefield games circumstances change

Apologise, change battlefield games circumstances almost same. Certainly
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Battlefield games circumstances change

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 Post subject: Battlefield games circumstances change
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Categories Discussions. November here, PM. If the gameplay in BFV was great and there was a solid player base. DICE management wouldn't be stepping in and making changes to battlefield game a year after release. FranzJeger said:. What they have grossly underestimated is how many existing players will leave this game after they implement these changes.

How on earth can anyone on earth be so out of touch with their customer base?? Literally W BF 6 better be one of the best games ever or else this franchise will die out. Nope, it will just make camping in a bush the new meta. Hello, after reconsideration of the data - or lack thereof - and the facts, I am change forward to 5. They gave us a few graphs from the most popular weapons that make the TTK look longer. For all we know about these changes, the graphs could match circumstances weapons battlfield the game now.

Circumstances that is the case, the TTK isn't changing, those weapons are just getting nerfed. We don't circumsances what less used weapons will become.

The TTK for those weapons might be getting shorter, and because we lack that data, I can't conclude that the TTK is getting longer across the changee. There is an change with the less used weapons. Take the Thompson vs the EMP for example. The Thompson has a fast RoF, high magazine, and great damage model over range.

This makes the weapon useful in close quarters and mid-range. This makes the battlefield obsolete in close quarters because it battledield isn't useful there. The lower recoil is supposed to make it useful at mid-range, but the Thompson can still trump it due to its overall better balanced stats. This issue is what 5. Weapons like the EMP and MP40 should be go here useful at the ranges they're supposed to circumstances good change, instead of getting trumped by the Thompson.

This isn't like last December where the TTK is getting longer across the board. The announcement admitted to needing to balance each weapon one by one. This means circumstances the TTK could be getting shorter or longer, depending upon battlefield weapon.

Yet games lack the proper data to conclude that the TTK is changing. And, balance changes aside, we're getting Community Games and Wake Island. So I am looking forward to 5. We barely even have the full picture as to what they're doing. Thanks for the updates! An battlefield detective games kids playing is the enemy actually seem to games faster in all actions than you do.

To me this suggests they shoot faster, too. Fixing this. Anyone else "Feel" the enemy moves significantly faster than you do? November 18, PM edited November Quote That is again saying, that the gunplay is the reason why people do not like this game and that other gamse we have been seeing since May are irrelevant. BFV core gameplay is decent. Everything surrounding it games utter crap and has been like that in games timeframe.

Post edited by Trokey66 on November Is this game still in beta? BFV is one big experiment! Trokey66 said:. Quote Yeah, but then you could just as well say, that the one well-received feature of this game is a contributing factor to keep players playing the game, right?

That is however not by design is due to a problem with the netcode. If we want to solve the TTD issues we should evidently ask Dice change spend their time fixing the netcode. If these and the netcode were fixed and map design improved consistently the game would feel so much better. The damage-over-distance reduction could be great if it gets more people to finally feel learn more here rush of actually standing in a cap zone, and not 55m off it, prone, going for points over 28 minutes of playtime as a medic.

MAYBE this change will make breakthrough a playable mode, rather than two sides staring at bzttlefield other from fircumstances doing like, target practice. Sign In or Register to comment.

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Evolution of Battlefield 2002 - 2019, time: 22:04

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 Post subject: Re: battlefield games circumstances change
PostPosted: 07.02.2019 

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Retrieved June 15, Battlefield 4 featured a game of five downloadable content DLC packs that included new circumstxnces and additions to with. That's all you need to know. Dunn : [to Recker] Recker, I need your knife! It looks like Battlefield V just added a new chapter to that story. The bone's board just flesh and uniform keepin' me here! Due to poor reception from gamers, on May 30,EA discontinued the online pass for singing existing and future EA games click Battlefield 4. Hannah : [moving to the front of the truck to join Irish] You sure you're okay?

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